Thursday, November 05, 2015


So I've been having some battery issues.

First, I had a lovely pink Fitbit (gifted by the lovely Denise from Lottalatte) that I got frustrated with a couple years ago because I could not get the damn thing to 10,000 so I just stopped wearing it.  I decided last week I would wear it again and not like pressure myself but just have a goal of improving myself.  And it was working!  I was even excited to walk around the mall to see how many steps I could get on it.  And when I got home it hadn't recorded any of my steps.  Grrrrr!

To backtrack a little, when I initially hunted it down a week or so ago, the battery was dead.  I opened the back and put in a new battery and I noticed something clicked weird, like a little tiny thing broke in the battery area.  But it was working so I figured I imagined it.  Then it cut off again.  I opened it back up, watched a youtube video to make sure I was putting it in correctly, and put the battery back in.  Then the mall thing happened.  You can shake the fitbit and hear the battery jiggle around.

I read A LOT of reviews on Amazon and apparently dead fitbits are pretty common.  So I checked out other devices and it's pretty much the same thing, they die pretty quick and it's pretty frustrating for everyone.  That said, I really like my fitbit.  I like how it attaches firmly to my bra or pants, I like that it's pink, and I like that it's affordable.  So my goal is to get a new one, maybe Black Friday sale???  I dunno.

I was surprised that it really was helping me in the short time I had it even though I was nowhere near 10,000 steps.

Battery Issue number 2 is my scale finally died.  I've been having some issues with my scale, it was giving me erratic weights and pretty much driving me insane week before last.  I bought a new scale and then I had the new issue of oh shit my new scale weighs me heavier than my old scale.  And my old scale started being awesome again resulting in a 4 pound loss last week.

Well, today it was done with giving me good news.  It flashed "Lo" meaning it needs a new battery.  My new scale weighed me a little higher than my weight yesterday but I'll probably merge into the new scale even though I did order a new (rare) battery.  The one thing that bugs me is I can't get the new scale not to wobble.  We have terribly uneven floors (old house syndrome) but even with the old scale I found a flat spot (In the exact center of the spare bedroom, DO NOT MOVE IT!).  With the new one, it wobbles everywhere I try it.  And wobbles are never good for scales.


  1. I wish you had posted this a couple of days ago. I would have given you my old Fitbit Zip. I just sold it on eBay on Thursday for $25.

    1. Oh that's too bad. But eBay is a great idea to look for a used one.