Monday, October 19, 2015

When Everything Goes Wrong

This is supposed to be a post about last night's Sunday dinner but what started out as great planning fell apart in the end.

The first mistake was eating McDonalds for breakfast.  It wasn't even 11am and I was down 470 calories.  And I wouldn't mind that so much if it was delicious but it was terrible.  It seems to set the standard for the day.

I wasn't going to eat popcorn at the theater and really in 100% honesty I didn't think I ate very much popcorn at all.  I counted it as 1/2 a small bag of popcorn but I think it was less than that.

For dinner last night I found a great recipe for a light Alfredo sauce.  I was going to make Fettuccine Alfredo and grill chicken breasts with a side salad.  When I started shredding my cheese it smelled a little funny and I realized I bought the wrong cheese and it was too late to buy any more.  I had to scrap the dinner plans and decided on BBQ chicken on the grill, rice pilaf, green beans, and a side salad.  I was grilling the chicken and I heard the grill make the tale-tale "wolp" sound and I knew the gas was out.  The tank was empty.

I brought in the half cooked chicken and finished it in a skillet with a little olive oil.  It was really comical at this point.  My mom cancelled last minute and I was more upset about that than I probably should have been.  Dinner turned out fine and my calories were still within range.

It was just a frustrating evening.  I wanted this post to be a good one with my light Alfredo recipe and it was also my 7th post, which I had decided would be the one where I would go "live" with my blog (tell my other blog) but I think it's too much of a downer now.

I've noticed that I'm having a little trouble coping when things get emotional or stressful.  I used to turn to food and it was very comforting and helpful.  I don't have that anymore.  People will say oh just exercise or take a hot shower but it just doesn't replace icecream or a chocolate treat.  It's not a huge issue, I'm not going to crack, I just feel a little down.  And I'm cussing more than I should, I need to cut that shit out.

The other thing I wanted to mention is, we're a society of obese people, It's common knowledge, and it's supposed to be like our biggest problem, we need to solve our obesity epidemic in America.  I know something that would be huge in this effort.  I have a really hard time seeing food commercials all the time.  I'm not saying that food companies should end all food commercials but maybe not have food commercials after 9 pm.  If obesity is such a huge problem for Americans then that shouldn't be such a big deal.

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