Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday - Week Four

I knew it was going to happen.  Although I crossed a milestone of losing 10 pounds this week, the scale just wasn't doing very much.  I knew I needed a big loss last night and it probably wouldn't happen.  Plus I had dinner at like 9:30, that never helps.

But I'm fine with it.  I know I'm doing everything right.  It's just going to take longer, which sucks, but it's okay.  Also I looked at my weight loss chart from 2002 and I only lost 1.5 pounds on week 4 that time too.

That's also why I didn't post a "Tuesday Tales" this week because I was freaking out last time and lashed out about everything, even my readers.  I don't need to do that this time.  I get what's going on with my body and I'll wait for it.

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